Ms Valeria Vendries

Ms Valeria Vendries


I studied Anatomy and Cell Biology at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. My passion for Teaching and Research in the Anatomical Sciences led me to complete a Masters in Anatomical Sciences at Queen's University in Kingston, Canada.  I received extensive training in best teaching practices, public speaking, anatomical dissection and specimen preparation.

Following my Master's degree I worked as an Instructional Design Assistant for the Bachelor of Health Sciences program at Queen's University (a fully accredited program offering online undergraduate education), where I was responsible for designing interactive and accessible anatomy course material suitable for E-learning, and I was also involved in the direction, production and delivery of an array of enduring educational products such as narrated educational lectures, videos and animations. 

I joined the Division of Anatomy at the University of Leeds Medical School where I am involved in teaching anatomy to undergraduates across the first two years of the MBChB, students intercalating in the BSc Clinical Anatomy, and I demonstrate anatomy to undergraduates pursuing degrees in the Biomedical Sciences. I strive for innovation in current clinical, scientific and educational practices.


  • MSc in Anatomical Sciences
  • BSc (First Class Honours) in Anatomy and Cell Biology

Professional memberships

  • American Association of Anatomy (AAA)

Student education

I am currently involved in:

Manager of the Year 2 MBChB ICU Control and Movement (MEDI 2201), and lead of the Control strand.

Manager of the Advanced Neuroanatomy module (ANAT 3108) for the BSc Clinical Anatomy intercalated programme.

Supervising students on their dissertations for the intercalated Clinical Anatomy BSc.

Teaching Neuroanatomy to students in the MChD (Dental) programme.

Teaching gross anatomy for Year 1 MBChB



Research groups and institutes

  • Leeds Institute of Medical Education