Lubna Shafi

Lubna Shafi


I manage the Leeds Immunogenomics Facility which is part of the Molecular and Personalised Medicine Group in LICAMM, headed by Professor Ann Morgan. I was the first certified user in the UK to run Olink Target 96, Target 48 and Flex panels and specialise in running the full Olink mid-plex range. My work also involves developing new protocols to generate pilot data for my group. In addition to Olink proteomics, my core skills include genotyping (MLPA), producing high-quality library preparations for next-generation sequencing, protein production and purification, nucleic acid extractions, flow cytometry analysis of microparticles and troubleshooting problematic workflows. 


  • Facility Manager- Leeds Immunogenomics Facility
  • Senior Research Technologist - Molecular and Personalised Medicine Group

Research interests

The Leeds Immunogenomics Facility was established in 2012 to provide a sustainable funding model for staff. We ensure that all the services we provide undergo full economic costing using TRAC methodology which take into account staff salary as well. Since its inception, the Facility has expanded to include DNA extractions, RNA extractions, library preparations for NGS as well as SNP and CNV genotyping particularly around the FCGR locus using MLPA. We offer a high-quality extraction service for both DNA and RNA from a wide range of starting material to meet your project demands.

In 2021, I was the first user certified to run the Olink mid-plex range in the UK and by virtue of that the Facility is the first in the UK to be acredited to run the Olink mid-plex panels. As such, I now focus on running the Olink mid-plex range for researchers across the UK.





  • BSc. National University of Singapore

Professional memberships

  • Research Scientist (RSci) with Science Council
  • Member of Institute of Biomedical Sciences (MIBMS)

Research groups and institutes

  • Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine
  • Discovery and Translational Science