Anita Dorsett



Anita is one of the research coordinators for the Doctoral Training Programme in Clinical Psychology. Anita organises and administers the programme structures around research, and implements processes to support the student research portfolio.

Anita is responsible for providing guidance on research governance and information security issues to the staff and trainees of the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Programme. She also provides support for the management and development of the staff and trainee research portfolio and all the processes associated with the programme’s research components for its trainees. The aim of this support is to develop and embed best practice in research governance and information security practices in all programme activities, to equip trainees throughout their research on the programme, and to support trainees to progress smoothly, where possible, through the research components of the D.Clin.Psych. Programme.

She also reviews for the DClin Research Ethics Committee.

Role & Responsibilities

Anita acts as the programme lead for research governance processes and information security issues relating to research.

She advises students and the programme team on research governance issues in accordance with the Department of Health’s UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research and relevant UK regulations.

She disseminates requirements for national and local research governance procedures through documentation, group teaching and one-to-one support for trainees and colleagues.

She liaises closely with relevant local ethics contacts to ensure intelligence stays up to date, to anticipate forthcoming change and to troubleshoot any problems.

She develops programme policies around information security and research governance where these do not exist, in line with existing university and NHS procedures.

She contributes to the writing and management of programme handbooks, manuals and the website.

She ensures programme processes adhere to Postgraduate Research and Operations regulations and maintains a detailed record of trainee progression through the research components of the programme.

She timetables the theses research panels and transfer vivas.

She organises the annual service evaluation project poster conference and the three course research conference. .


  • BSc (Hons) – University of Wales.

Research groups and institutes

  • Leeds Institute of Health Sciences