Dr Laeticia Lichtenstein

Dr Laeticia Lichtenstein


I graduated in Pharmacology innovation at the University of Toulouse (University Paul Sabatier) in France.

I moved to the Netherlands for my PhD studies. During the 4 years, I worked on Angiopoeitin Like Protein 4 (Angptl4) and showed for the first time the impact of saturated fatty acid in vivo on inflammation.

Following completion of my PhD with Prof Sander Kersten group at Wageningen University, I was awarded an Intra-European Fellowship (Marie-Curie fro career development) and joined The Institute of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases in Toulouse where I did my postdoctoral training. I revealed key findings in reverse cholesterol transport and how heptobiliary axe is important in the fight against cardiovascular diseases.

I joined Professor David Beech research group in 2017 as a senior postdoctoral researcher. 

Awarded with a BHF-Mautner career developement fellowship, I am developing my group of research. My interest is in hepatic vascular impact on lipid homeostasis in Cardiovascular Diseases. My research drive is patient benefit and improved health.

Research interests

NAFLD is the fastest-growing liver disease in the Western world with important implications for cardiovascular health.

My research aims to study endothelium metabolism on 1) NAFLD development and 2) atherosclerosis development.

Most of the methods used in this project ranges from lipidomic (extraction and quantification of lipids) to molecular biology (extraction and quantification of gene and protein expression), pharmacology (drug treatment / development) biophysics (light sheet, confocal and electron microscopy) anatomical pathology (histopathology and immunohistochemistry on paraffin and cryo-sections of tissues) and in-vivo studies.

I am always locking forward candidates to be part of our journey. Send me an email to discuss our common interrest and how I can help to develop your career.


  • PhD in Nutrition (University of Wageningen, The Netherlands)
  • Msc in Pharmacology (University of Toulouse III, France)
  • Bsc in cellular biology (University of Toulouse III, France)

Professional memberships

  • EASL the home of Hepatology
  • BSRC

Student education

I lectured on key concepts in molecular pharmacology (part of the IBsc of cardiovascular Medicine).

I also assist tutoring for Introduction to Medical Sciences (IMS) in the school of medicine (Enzymes Kinetics – Signaling – Immunology clinical scenario).

I am a tutor and assist with E-Poster assesment in the MSc Clinical Embryology and ART (CeART)  

I am a tutor for Paper criticism module in the MSc in Cardiovascular Disease and Health.

I lecture               

  • GI & Metabolism Lecture - Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome.
  • GI secretion: Liver and Pancreas School of Medicine.
  • Membranes and signaling (Membranes transporters).
  • Nutrition and Reproduction 1 & 2.

Topic Lead Membranes and Signalling in Introduction to Medical Sciences.

Mentor undergraduate and graduate students.

Actual Postgraduate Researcher:

  • Altaf AlMutairi, “Development of biomarker signatures for liver diseases using multi-parametric MRI (HEPARIM study)”, International PhD Accademy.
  • Shaili Patel, Clinical research Fellow in hepatology, Faculty of Medicine and Health.
  • Charalampos Konstantinou, Clinical research Fellow in hepatology, Faculty of Medicine and Health.

Research groups and institutes

  • Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine
  • Cardiometabolic
  • Multidisciplinary Cardiovascular Research Centre
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