Dr Ian M Carr


Lecturer in Medical Bioinformatics

After training as a molecular biologist, and working within teams in Leeds that identified genes causing cleft palate and microcephaly, I gradually became aware of the need for “better” (meaning simpler) computer programmes to address the practical needs of the molecular biologist.Consequently,I became proficient in a number of programming languages, in order to create bespoke applications that automate “trivial” but time consuming data analysis tasks.For Windows Desktop development decided to concentrate on the .NET languages, while for Linux servers I use a mixture of C++, python, R and Bash, in order to allow very rapid application development. I am a Microsoft Certificated Solutions Developer. This has allowed me to generate very quick solutions to key bottlenecks in day-to-day data analysis (e.g. both sequence and genotyping data) and clinical data collection using both standalone and web based applications. To date I have published numerous software application that analysis data from a wide disciplines such as autozygosity mapping, Sanger and NGS sequencing, epigenetics, copy number analysis and transcriptional controll.


  • Academic lead of Next Generation Sequencing Facility

Research interests

My research interests include rare disease gene identification and variant detection using long and short read NGS data, ecological population structures and species distribution as well as de novo genome assembly of viruses, bacteria and eukaryotes.


  • BSc J hons
  • PhD

Student education

Module lead in Human Medicine MSc

Research groups and institutes

  • Leeds Institute of Medical Research at St James's
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