Dr Jehan El-Jawhari

Dr Jehan El-Jawhari


I have a medical degree and I obtained a master degree in clinical Pathology and biochemistry. During my PhD research, I have acquired more advanced skills in molecular biology, immunology, and cancer cell biology. I have a significant theoretical and practical experience of Immunology, molecular biology and genetics. I have developed great proficiency in the biotechnology field as my current research intensively evaluate the in vitro mesenchymal stem cell fitness for therapies and using bone marrow concentration for orthopaedic treatment. Additionally, my research is focused on testing the biocompatibility of biological products, e.g. allogenic and synthetic scaffolds for the development of the bioscience industry in viable fields such as skeletal tissue repair. I am co-supervising several PhD and MD students.

Research interests

I am running as a principal investigator an independent project investigating the immune cell and mesenchymal stem cell interactions during the bone repair. My research activities have been focused on testing the physiological ageing of mesenchymal stem cells in skeletal tissues. Additionally, my work aims to investigate the molecular mechanisms and cellular interactions that cause chronic impairment of tissue healing.

My growing list of publications includes high-quality Journal-published papers and a book chapter.  I have successfully collaborated with my peers and in different disciplines within the University of Leeds and published several papers. I have also international collaborations with other faculties/institutions and have research links with several industrial partners. I am always keen on attending conferences and presenting my work at local, national and international seminars and conferences.  I am keen on public engagement and always share in the related activities.


  • MBBcH
  • Master in Clinical pathology
  • PhD in Molecular biology/Cancer Immunology

Student education

I regularly contribute to the teaching of undergraduate medical students through delivering different courses. These activities include small group seminars and one-to-one teaching sessions, tutorials, individual meetings as well as feedback and assessment.  Additionally, I designed other tutorials using my research methods and data.  Additionally, I am proactive in teaching masters students from different disciplines including biological, chemistry and engineering. My teaching activities include a mixture of tutorials, supervision of laboratory work, and assessment tasks. 

Research groups and institutes

  • Leeds Institute of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Medicine
  • Orthopaedics and Trauma Sciences
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