Dr Claudia C Bauer


I am currenty working as as postdoctoral researcher for Dr Robin Bon, where I am working on a British Heart Foundation-funded project investigating small molecule binding sites of TRP channels, using pharmacological and molecular biology techniques. 

My previous research has mainly been in the field of vascular biology, with a particular focus on ion channels and the regulation of intracellular calcium. Following an undergraduate degree in Neuroscience, I did a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Chris Peers (University of Leeds), investigating the regulation of endothelial cell calcium by diabetes and gasesous transmitters. I then went on to work as postdoctoral researcher for Dr Alister McNeish (University of Reading), researching the regulation of calcium-actviated K+ channels in the vasculature. Prior to taking up my current position, I worked for Dr Karen Porter (University of Leeds), investigating the effects of diabetes and dietary polyphenols on endothelial cell function. 

Research interests

I am primarily interested in TRPC channels, a family of cation-permeable ion channels that are expressed throughout the body and are thought to be involved in a multitude of (patho)physiologies. In particular, I am interested in how these channels are modulated by small molecules, and I am taking a variety of cell-based approaches to gain further understanding of how these channels function. These include molecular cloning, high-throughput calcium recordings, and photoaffinity labelling using chemical probes. 


  • PhD University of Leeds (2011)
  • BSc (Hons.) Neuroscience (First Class), University of Leeds (2006)

Professional memberships

  • Early Career Member - British Pharmacological Society

Research groups and institutes

  • Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine