Jorge Zepeda

Jorge Zepeda


I am a full-time PhD student based in Leeds. My current research is about how social influence works to promote innovation and change in primary health care. The expected output of this study is a framework of how local opinion leaders could be better engaged in innovation projects in such settings.

I am a family physician by background and have both clinical and administrative experience in primary care services. This study emerged from my own experience with innovation projects in primary care services of Florianopolis, Brazil.  

Research interests

My PhD project is a realist evaluation of the roles of opinion leaders in healthcare innovation and change. By analysing real-world innovation projects run in Brazilian primary care services, I expect to improve the understanding of how social influence could be used to foster innovation and change in similar settings.

My research interest areas are evaluation, primary care, diffusion of innovations, and implementation science.


  • MsC Public Health
  • Specialist Family Medicine
  • MBChB