Maisie Martland

Maisie Martland


2012-2015; BSc Neuroscience, University of Leeds, UK

2015-2017; Covance, Leeds, UK

2018-2018; Leeds Institute of Clinical Trials Research, University of Leeds, UK

2018- Present; Postgraduate Researcher, University of Leeds, UK


My research focuses on improving the management of people with cancer. My aim is to better understand the role of endogenous descending modulation of pain and its role in cancer pain through the use of quantitative sensory testing (QST). In the future, this could lead to more personalised pain management for patients with cancer and could help predict their liklihood of developing chronic pain following cancer treatment.  

Research interests

- Neurophysiology of cancer pain and neuropathic pain

- Quantitative Sensory Testing

- Descending modulation of pain mechanisms


  • BSc (Hons) Neuroscience, University of Leeds (2015)

Research groups and institutes

  • St Gemma's Academic Unit of Palliative Care