University of Leeds Faculty of Medicine and Health Flow Cytometry and Imaging Facility

For full details and a breakdown of available services please see our dedicated facility page

Light Cytometry has developed significantly over the last ten years, in terms of the sampling sensitivity of equipment, sampling speed and the number of parameters that can be measured simultaneously. These advances in multi-dimensional data collection which can be taken on live material in real-time continues to place work using these technologies at the cutting edge of the biological sciences.

Our core facility aims to resource and deliver advanced light-based cytometric equipment and cell purification technologies along with expert research support and training in these fields to expand the understanding of dynamic cellular functions both in vito and in vivo in a clinical setting.

The combined core facility has been expanding and developing in range of APPLICATIONS since its inception in 2007 and is well supported with a team of 2 expert senior research technicians and a facility manager with 17 years experience in the field.

Alongside the facility manager the facility is strategically led by it's two academic leads for the Flow Cytometry and Imaging arms of the combined facility and who are best contacted in person for potential collaborations.

The FoMH Core Flow Cytometry & Imaging Facility based within the Wellcome Trust Brenner Building and the Clinical Sciences Building on the St James’s University Hospital Campus is well equipped to support range of research applications. The Facility is composed of 2 fluorescent activated cell sorters, 3 flow cytometer analysers, 1 metabolic analysers, 2 laser scanning confocal microscopes, 2 dedicated fluorescent live cell imaging platforms, 1 widefield fluorescent microscope, 1 high content-high throughput fluorescent plate microscope (with automated loader) and an array of specialist analysis software on our 5 dedicated online analysis platforms

For full details and a breakdown of available services please see our dedicated facility page