Tarun Kakkar

Tarun Kakkar


I have carried out research on developing rare earth metal ions doped silica thin films for non-invasive optical sensing of biomarkers. I have expertise in developing proof of concept studies for biosensors, spectroscopic and material characterisation; worked on the medical device fabrication/prototyping, thin-film fabrication, plasma deposition, optical instrumentation, investigating regulatory aspects, biocompatibility, and clinical investigation of optical sensors. My current project is to develop rapid and early-stage diagnostics in-vitro biosensors based on rare earth materials for detecting and imaging biomarkers in CVD and stroke. I have experience in conceptualising the biosensing platform to carrying out early-stage clinical diagnostics and therapeutics. I have worked with commercialization partners in taking my research beyond technology readiness level 4.

Research interests

Photonic materials for biosensing, surface functionalisation of biosensors.

Nanofabrication and characterisation of biomaterials.

Optical instrumentation for rapid/portable sensing.

Cardiovascular, stroke and infectious pathogen sensing. 

Electrochemical sensors development for DNA analysis.

Label-free sensing, nanostructures for superchiral spectroscopy.



  • PhD in Material science (biosensors)
  • MSc Pharmacetical science and engineering
  • Bachelors in Pharmacy