Dr Clare Dowzer


Clare takes the lead in researching, developing and implementing technology-enhanced learning strategies for the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Programme and the Core Psychiatry Training Course. She is responsible for developing and maintaining a variety of IT systems used by trainees, academics, local clinicians and service users across the Yorkshire and Humber region. Clare also manages the monitoring of trainees in the research aspects of the DClinPsychol.

Clare has developed computerised interactive software tools for trainees and clinicians to use (e.g. Reliable Change Index). She carries out teaching on learning technology systems for clinical psychology students staff and local clinicians, Clare writes and creates interactive, online teaching resources. She develops programme policies around technology-enhanced learning and research support where they don’t exist whilst bearing in mind University and NHS Procedures. Clare acts as a point of contact for staff, students, supervisors, examiners and local clinical psychologists who have day-to-day queries and/or concerns regarding learning technologies and research. She contributes to the writing and management of programme handbooks and manuals and works closely with the Doctoral College to ensure University regulations are being adhered to.


  • Lead on research, development and implementation of technology enhanced learning


  • PhD Exercise Physiology
  • BSc (Hons) Sport Science

Professional memberships

  • Associate Fellow HEA

Research groups and institutes

  • Leeds Institute of Health Sciences
  • Psychological and Social Medicine