Developing Your Teaching - Utilising the Multidiciplinary Team Meeting

Course overview

This workshop shall help and guide participants on how to introduce and manage interprofessional workplace learning. Participant-led, this course will recognise barriers and challenges and through the sharing of ideas and tips, teaching and learning opportunities will be recognised. Teaching during the MDT meeting is an opportunity for Interprofessional teaching and is a valuable resource for future proofing the healthcare team in managing evolving healthcare needs.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be better able to:

  1. Identify teaching and learning needs within a multiprofessional cohort
  2. identify factors that promote IPL in clinical practice
  3. Manage the teaching of comorbidity

This course is free to attend and of interest to those wishing to develop teaching skills, especially in the healthcare environment and teaching our students. This course is especially useful to those who have MDT responsibilities.


Dr Andrew Lewington, Clinical Undergraduate Lead, Consultant Renal Physician, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust