Wendy Thompson


My research about treatment during urgent dental care aims to optimise care received by patients and in doing so reduce antibotic prescribing by dentists. The National Institute for Health Research has awarded me a Doctoral Research Fellowship for my PhD research here at Leeds. And I am also a practising general dental practitioner working part-time in Bradford and out of hours in Shipley and Kendal. Techniques used during my PhD research include: ethnographic approaches to understanding what actually happens during real urgent dental appointments; behavioural science to underpin development of a complex intervention aimed at reducing antibiotic use by identifying, understanding and addressing factors influencing treatment; and coproduction a my research with people with lived experience (aka patients), dentists, dental nurses, practice/service managers and policy makers.


  • BSc(Hons) Microbiology with Microbial Technology
  • BDS(Hons)
  • MJDF