Research groups

Group name Group summary
Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering The Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering research group aims to better understand the repair, regeneration or replacement of skeletal tissues. Our focus is primarily in bone, cartilage, teeth and complex tissue. The group comprises several different research strands, including biomaterial development and characterisation, interaction between biomaterials and cell in vitro and in vivo, comparisons of different stem cell populations, molecular
Biomineralisation The Biomineralisation research theme encompasses skeletal tissue biology from formation to destruction and genotype to phenotype at all stages of the translational pipeline.
Dental Education Research Dental education research at Leeds looks into the way that dental education and scholarship is developing and encourages a reflective approach to dental education. Focusing on areas such as curriculum development and the improving feedback practices for dental students to enhance their professional and clinical development.
Dental Public Health and Health Services Our Dental Public Health and Health Services research group focuses on research across oral health issues related to public health, oral migration and inequalities, and oral health in the UK and overseas.
Microbiology and Cell Biology The Microbiology and Cell Biology research group aims to understand the roles that microbes and host responses play in infectious disease. This work involves characterising and controlling oral biofilms, investigating host microbe homeostasis, cellular signalling and researching the links between periodontal diseases and systemic disease.