Dr Olivia Jones

Dr Olivia Jones


I am a lecturer in Psychology and module leader for Perception and Level 1 Research Skills. I gained my PhD at the University of Hull using brain stimulation (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) to reduce itch intensity. After my PhD I worked in the Education Department at the University of York, teaching Research Methods in Psychology. I have also worked part-time as an Associate Lecturer for the Open University in Cognitive and Biological Psychology since 2016.

Prior to completing my PhD I gained my MRes in Psychology and my BA in Sociology with Social Psychology, at the University of York. My MRes research focused on exploring the role of Broca’s area in early access to phonological information using MEG (Magnetoencephalography).

Research interests

I have a keen interest in learning abilities and atypical development. I am particularly interested in overcoming barriers to learning, Cognitive Neuroscience and Research Methods.


  • PhD Psychology
  • PgDip Research Training
  • MRes Psychology
  • BA Sociology with Social Psychology

Student education

  • Module leader for Perception and Level 1 Research Skills
  • MSc Current Themes in Neuropsychology and Neuroscience