Dr Jean-Francois Delvenne

Dr Jean-Francois Delvenne


I studied Experimental Psychology at the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), in Belgium, with Professors Xavier Seron and Bruno Rossion. During my studies, I have been actively involved in several research projects investigating face and object recognition, using behavioural, electrophysiological, and neuropsychological methods.

After my undergraduate studies, I spent 10 months at the University of Birmingham, UK, and worked with Professors Glyn Humphreys and Jane Riddoch. I then received a Ph.D. studentship from the Belgian Funding for Scientific Research (FNRS) for a period of four years. I completed my Ph.D. on the mechanisms of binding in visual short-term memory with Professor Raymond Bruyer at UCL (Belgium) in 2004.

Following my Ph.D., I was awarded two successive FNRS postdoctoral fellowships for a total period of three years (2004-2007), during which I worked at both UCL (Belgium) and the University of Birmingham, UK. In June 2007, I joined the School of Psychology at Leeds as a lecturer and was promoted Associate Professor in 2017.


  • UG, MPsyc, & MSc Research Project Coordinator

Research interests

My research interests are related by a common focus on the severe limitations on our abilities to select, remember, and process visual information. My research has mainly been focusing on binding in visual short-term memory and on the capacity to process and remember visual information within and across hemifields.


  • Ph.D. Psychology

Professional memberships

  • Experimental Psychology Society
  • European Society for Cognitive Psychology

Student education

I teach at all undergraduate and postgraduate levels, I supervise undergraduate and postgraduate research projects, and I supervise doctoral theses.

Research groups and institutes

  • Cognitive Neuroimaging
  • Language and memory
  • Successful ageing
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