Cristina Harney

Cristina Harney




Research interests

Music Psychology, Music and wellbeing.

Throughout my studying I always gravitated towards music psychology, my undergraduate dissertation focused on a qualitative approach to everyday experiences of music in a female undergraduate sample. My Msc project focused on how music listening can reduce the perception on pain in an experimental setting. My current PhD involves testing how music listening can be used as an intervention to promote and improve wellbeing.


  • BSc Psychology (Hons)
  • MSc Psychological Approaches to Health

Student education

As a graduate teaching assistant within the department, my main responsibilities include: 

- Lecturer 

- Facilitator in Computer Based Learning Sessions, Seminar Leader and Marker

- Tutorial leader in modules involving social and behavioural psychology

- Tutor for Access to Leeds Programme

- Marker in various modules accross the BSc Programme at Level 1 and 2