Lucy Prodgers

Lucy Prodgers


I started work as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and Postgraduate Researcher at the University of Leeds in September 2018 following conversion to the field of Psychology (MSc). My previous academic work was in the field of English Literature (MPhil, MA, BA). I also have extensive experience of working with people with long-term physical health conditions, in particular Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis), and have undergone previous training in person-centred counselling and as a facilitator of the NHS Expert Patient Programme.

Research interests

My interests are in critical health psychology, particularly chronic and lifelong illness, with a focus on qualitative, arts-based and internet-based methods. My current PhD project explores how men with Inflammatory Bowel Disease use social media to narrate their illness. As someone with Inflammatory Bowel Disease myself, as well as several other lifelong conditions, subjectivity in research and researcher reflexivity are also central to my work.

Previous research in the field of English Literature used the ideas of French philosopher Gilles Deleuze to critically analyse psychoanalytical readings of self and gender in contemporary British fiction. Furthermore, Foucauldian textual analysis, understandings of sociolinguistics and gender, social constructionism in representations of disability, sexuality and culture, and discourse analysis were key areas of interest which map on to my current work in Psychology.


  • MSc Psychology (conversion)
  • MPhil English Lit
  • MA English Studies
  • BA (hons) English Lit/Lang
  • Cert. in Counselling Skills