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Healthcare worker

People living with overweight or obesity are experiencing stigma and discrimination from healthcare workers as well as uniformly worse healthcare than the general population, researchers say.

Child getting her glasses fitted

A project supplying free glasses to pupils with poor eyesight to help improve reading is being expanded to involve thousands more pupils. 

Our undergraduate student, Kristan Howourth has been awarded Runner-Up for The British Psychological Society's Psychobiology Section Undergraduate Project Prize.

Empty football stadium seats

Playing professional football games in empty stadiums had a hugely negative effect on the success of home teams, with home advantage almost halved, new research shows.

A groups of undergraduate School of Psychology students received career support from an academic member of staff.  Alp 0267 800x400

Nick Almond was a unique human being whose life exemplified the indomitability of the human spirit and whose personality epitomised outstanding human values.