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The Big Project

A participant-led film developed as part of 'The Big Picture' research project has been selected to screen at the Virtual REEL Recovery Film Festival on the 6th November 2020.

Broccoli food

A new meta-analysis emphasises the need for the next generation of “health conscious” products to focus on food texture to enhance the feeling of being full.

Healthcare professional presenting to a group of people

A leading Yorkshire expert has urged Boris Johnson to go further in his war on obesity by banning adverts on unhealthy food at sporting events and on public transport as well as on television.

A group of people sat around a table discussing

Seven key areas of research to support society’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic have been identified by leading psychologists.

Smiling PhD student, Sophia Batchelor

One of our PhD students, Sophia Batchelor has recently been awarded the Nextant Rising Star Prize.