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Healthcare professional assisting a child.

Innovation in health and care is set to take a dynamic new pace and scale across Leeds and the City Region, according to a new report from Leeds Academic Health Partnership,

The Big Project

The Big Picture project has two films screening at The Direct Monthly Online Film Festival this month.

number of children in the UK who were in paediatric intensive care units with COVID-19.

Our academic staff have played an integral role in researching what impact COVID-19 has had on society, to help the recovery process and see what lessons can be learned from the pandemic.

Asymptomatic testing centre leeds university

As the University offers fast and free asymptomatic coronavirus tests on campus for all students, students from across the Faculty of Medicine and Health step in to help.

The Big Project

The films have been made in close collaboration with young people in Assam as part of our GCRF ESRC/AHRC funded project, The Big Picture.