Dr Veronica Swallow given Excellence in Family Nursing Award

Dr Swallow has been recognised for her contributions to transforming family health and advancing family nursing and for her outstanding contributions and achievements.

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This prestigious International Family Nursing Association (IFNA) ‘Excellence in Family Nursing Award’ – is to be presented to Dr Veronica Swallow at the IFNC13 conference, in Spain in June. In part, this is in recognition of the family nursing work across the UK and Ireland that the School of Healthcare are leading, with work by Dr Joanna Smith, lecturer in Children's nursing, Dr Linda Milnes, Associate Professor,  Professor Linda McGowan, Professor of Applied Health Research and Dr Alison Rodriguez, lecturer in Child and Family Health.

Two years ago at IFNC12 Veronica convened the UK and Ireland Family Nursing Association, and building on this she was encouraged by the IFNA Board of Directors to apply to be the first IFNA Chapter globally; last week this was confirmed and will also to be announced at IFNC13.

Veronica said, "I am thrilled to have been nominated for, and selected to receive this prestigious international award and I hope it helps to shine a light on the excellent work that colleagues and students in the School of Healthcare, the University of Leeds and across the UK and Ireland are undertaking to foster and support family nursing and health-care across the life-course."

Image of Veronica Swallow, School of Healthcare

"This will give the School of Healthcare  even more recognition globally and as we are the first IFNA Chapter we are paving the way for other countries to apply for Chapter status."