Research groups

Group name Group summary
Pathology and Data Analytics The Division of Pathology and Data Analytics is a fusion of academic pathology with data analytics teams to allow us to fully understand the importance of pathology/data advances to patient outcomes. We undertake translational research across a number of different types of cancer e.g. bowel, oesophageal, gastric, gynaecological and head and neck as well as in digital pathology/artificial intelligence, molecular pathology, embryology, cardiovascular disease and the microbiome in health and disease. Data is fundamental to understanding human behaviours in populations and medicine and driving translational science with data science expertise in bowel cancer, nutrition, molecular epidemiology and liver disease. Data scientists are critical to the future of the Division. We undertake pathology undergraduate and post graduate education and conduct translational research and support disease prevention, screening and treatment through clinical trials/studies to improve patient outcomes, including the application of new cutting edge technologies.
Perinatal Research Group The group's work covers a range of themes ranging from understanding disease aetiology through to the application of our findings in translational clinical trials.