Research groups

Group name Group summary
Brain Cancer Research Group We are a consortium of investigators working to understand the processes that promote the development of different brain cancers, translating our findings for the benefit of brain cancer patients.
Cancer Survivor Intelligence Group The Cancer Survivor Intelligence (CSI) Group is led by Professor Adam Glaser and focuses on the collection of information from individuals living with and beyond cancer in order to generate enhanced intelligence on the consequences of cancer survival.
Early Phase Cancer Division Our work in Early Phase Cancer involves non-randomised and randomised controlled trials, which assess toxicity and tolerability and activity in interventions including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and biological agents. Our trials have innovative and novel methodologies which efficiently answer questions which provide evidence for interventions to be further evaluated or implemented.
Late Phase Cancer Division Our work in Late Phase Cancer involves large randomised controlled trials, which compare two or more interventions including chemotherapy, radiotherapy or biological agents. Our trials have innovative designs which efficiently evaluate novel interventions and evaluate personalised medicine approaches.
Myeloma UK Concept and Access Research Programme In partnership with Myeloma UK, our research at the Leeds Myeloma UK CARP aims to delivery more trials, more quickly to patients with multiple myeloma and to focus on asking and answering the questions which matter most and bring earlier access to novel treatments for patients. We are the only clinical trials unit in the UK to carry out the full range of myeloma trials, from early to late phase giving more opportunities for patients to access new and innovative treatments and have a long history of successful collaborations with industry, academic institutions and charities.
Oncolytic Virus Research Group We are a group of research scientists studying oncolytic virotherapy for the treatment of cancer. We aim to identify the best strategies for maximizing the therapeutic benefit of oncolytic viruses by potentiating both the direct oncolytic and tumour-specific, immune-mediated effects of these viruses and to translate our findings into the clinic for the benefit of patients.
The Leeds CRUK CTU based at Leeds CTRU Our research at the Leeds Cancer Research UK CTU aims to bring more opportunities for cancer patients to access new and innovative treatments. We are focussing on two groups of patients; those with cancers of the blood and those who are treated with radiotherapy. Our trials have innovative and designs which efficiently evaluate novel interventions and personalised medicine approaches.
The Melanoma Research Group The Melanoma Research Group uses genetic epidemiology to understand why people get melanoma and what determines survival after diagnosis.
The Radiotherapy Research Group We deliver internationally leading, patient focused, radiotherapy research that improves cancer outcomes and reduces side effects. We are a multidisciplinary research team with expertise ranging from pre-clinical radiation biology through to phase III clinical trials. Tumour site interests include gastrointestinal, brain, urological and lung cancers.