Tim tze 400

Timothy Wong Jzun Tze

I have always been interested in pursuing my studies in the UK because of the high standards of quality education that the Universities in UK offer. In addition, I have always wanted to study abroad to expose myself to a different learning philosophy and culture.

The reason why I choose to do Psychology was because ever since I was a teenager, I have been interested in how the mind and body works as a synergy to allow a person to be a successful individual. I have also nurtured the interest of self-awareness in my high school years and I was determined to understand myself and others through understanding the core mechanisms of how the mind works.

I choose to study at Leeds because, I was told by many of my friends studying here that Leeds is a beautiful and lively city. Not to mention, the University of Leeds is a University in the Russell Group.

Personally, the highlight of the programme for me was the beginning of my first semester here at Leeds. I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm of the educators and the friendliness of the people here. The environment encouraged me to do my best academically and grow as an individual.

I was and still am very impressed by the support provided by the university towards international students. I have always felt supported and understood despite facing several difficulties and challenges as a student. I truly appreciate how the University offers support and counselling advice to students to help them face both academic and personal challenges.

My tutors have always been available to answer and help me through my concerns I have about my module. I have always been encouraged by my tutors to share my thoughts and ideas, as well as constrictive criticism to improve myself. The mitigating circumstances officer has also always been available to help me go through any challenges I might be facing at that time.

I plan to be able to apply my vast understanding to Psychology to work in various jobs and companies. The program has given a holistic understanding of Psychology through various different approach such as the cognitive, behavioural, social and biological approach of how the mind works. This would enable me to apply my expertise to a wide variety of situations and job scopes, I plan to pursue a Masters degree in clinical psychology after this degree.

I would say this university has taught and challenged me so much to grow into the integrated individual I am today. A change in learning philosophy, environment and culture can certainly be very refreshing and motivating to grow. Not to mention, the state of the art teaching facilities

I find this place to be a very beautiful city. I like the environment here as there is a large number of commodities such as shopping malls, music stores, a huge variety of restaurants and lots of places to go for entertainment and a night out.