Sofia Arkhipkina Mres

Sofia Arkhipkina

I loved that the MRes course gave me the opportunity to completely design my intercalated year to suit my interests and development. My project was self-designed and self-directed by my supervisor and myself and I was also able to choose research modules that interested me.

In addition, It was appealing for me to know that there were minimal exams and mainly written, coursework-based assessments throughout the year. I enjoy this style of assessment and thought it would develop my skill set further, as it is not utilised much in the MBChB course.

This past year has given me the opportunity to widen my knowledge of medical research and constructively structure critical appraisals of medical journal articles. In addition, I have had the opportunity to self-design and complete a medical research project and a final dissertation with the support of my supervisors. As a result I have been accepted to present my research in an oral presentation at the Science of Improvement Conference (Harrogate 2016). These are all skills that I have learnt and developed this year and will be invaluable to my career and for any healthcare professional.