Social work student profile

Nolan Flint-Taff

Why did you choose the School of Healthcare at the University of Leeds? 

The University of Leeds had a 99% employment rate for graduating students and was known for offering students a chance to balance academic life with social life. When I attended an open day, I found the campus to be really welcoming and beautiful and could picture myself fitting in. Baines Wing looked incredible and the staff I met on open day were friendly and engaged me throughout the interview process.  

Why did you choose your course?  Why is it important for you to be studying it? 

Social Work at its heart is the practice of helping people. Before coming to university, I had worked for a bank where I quickly realised that I loved listening to others and helping people through difficult periods in their life. I wanted to expand on these skills further and social work seemed the natural fit. 

What were you doing before you started studying here?

I worked for Santander bank where my role was to help support people with their finances, such as guiding them through bank transfers or helping resolve disputes or reporting fraud.  

What has been the highlight of the programme/course? 

Getting to work with people from a wide range of backgrounds, I was able to socialise with people I may not have otherwise met and was able to pool my knowledge with theirs, helping them and me to make the most of our degree.  

Did any particular modules or projects impress you?

I enjoyed working on placement and building on the theories I learned in class by applying them to the real world.  

What support have the tutors and other staff given you? 

My personal tutor has been a constant support throughout my time at Leeds and has been patient and friendly throughout any difficulties I faced.  

How do you plan to use what you have learned here? How will doing the course benefit you/the organisation you work in? 

Going forwards, I hope to become a social worker who specialises in adoption, working with families to help place children in loving homes where they will be supported and allowed to thrive.  Thanks to the placement I completed in third year, I have already been able to gain valuable skills in adoption social work and hope to continue expanding upon them.  

What do you plan to do after graduation? 

Post graduation, I plan to work in different areas of social work and build upon the skills I have learnt at university. I hope to move into a long career, working with families and young people.

What would you say to someone thinking of coming to study here? 

Immerse yourself in university life as much as possible. Join societies, attend events – really get stuck in! I made true friends for life in the societies I joined, and they helped me through stressful exam periods and have truly made university feel like home.  

What do you think of the city of Leeds/Yorkshire? 

Leeds is a great city with amazing night life, I love the amount of live music available in Leeds and as an LGBTQ+ person I found Leeds to be welcoming which allowed me to feel more confident in expressing myself.