Nursing (Adult) BSc

Lucy Oliver

Why did you choose the School of Healthcare at the University of Leeds? 

I chose Leeds due to its reputation for offering one of the best courses for Adult Nursing in England. The diverse modules the course offers really interested me, along with the supportive environment the School of Healthcare creates for its students. 

The main thing that drew me to Leeds was that it has one of the biggest and most successful teaching hospitals currently in Europe. The opportunities and experiences in clinical practice Leeds could offer were endless. 

What has been the highlight of the course? 

The highlight of the course for me has been placements. To be able to implement the skills and knowledge we have learnt from the modules in clinical practice has been so exciting, rewarding and challenging at times.  

Placement for me is what it’s all about - it’s why we’re all training to be Nurses, to be on the wards and to be useful in practice, making a difference to those needing care. 

What support have the tutors and other staff given you? 

The tutors at Leeds go above and beyond. My tutor is proactive at finding solutions if needed and is very easy to contact. The module staff delivering the course are enthusiastic and inspiring, which in-turn make you want to engage and learn. 

What would you say to someone thinking of coming to study here?

I would say absolutely go for it! The School of Healthcare at Leeds has supportive tutors who listen, are proactive in finding solutions and are good fun. The simulation suites are a great place to learn and understand new clinical skills. The campus and Baines Wing has a friendly, big community feeling within it. The friends I have met at Leeds will be friends for life!