Nursing student profile

Hannah Dunwell

Why did you choose the School of Healthcare at the University of Leeds? 

I chose to study at Leeds as I am from the city and have visited many times during high school for class projects. It was always a dream to study at such a well-respected university. The campus alone is beautiful, which makes walking to and from lectures and tutorials enjoyable. Being able to attend placements at a specialised children’s hospital so close to the university was also a key factor in my decision. Throughout my interview process the environment was extremely positive and all the staff made me feel welcome. 

Why did you choose your course?  Why is it important for you to be studying it? 

Children’s nursing was always a career path I wanted to take. I think this stemmed from multiple hospital visits during my chilldhood and adolescence. The nurses caring for me made me feel so at ease, ensuring my needs were met and I was as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. My experiences, along with the job’s positive energy, which is reflective of my personality, inspired me to care for others in hospital. I have also always had it in my personality to help anyone and everyone where possible.  
What were you doing before you started studying here?

I always knew I wanted to become a children’s nurse at some point, however my passion for dancing was set to be my first career path. Along came the global pandemic and it was at this time that I knew my time to enter the field of nursing was to begin. 

What has been the highlight of the programme / course? 

Placement has been the biggest highlight and area of development for me. 

Did any particular modules or projects impress you? 

Tasks set for action learning sets have been well planned and fun to engage in. 
What support have the tutors and other staff given you? 

The feedback given for assignments has been particularly helpful with specific advice provided on areas of improvement. 

How do you plan to use what you have learned here? How will doing the course benefit you/the organisation you work in? 

The accumulation of theory, practice in the university and then practice out on placement has been a great build up to the role of a nurse. It has helped develop my confidence and communication skills during placement so that the care I give is to the best of my ability. 

What do you plan to do after graduation? 

Hopefully work on a ward at Leeds General Infirmary which I have enjoyed during placement. 

What would you say to someone thinking of coming to study here? 

The University of Leeds ticks all the boxes a student may have when studying at university; local amenities, facilities, big city and a great reputation. I would highly recommend it.  

What do you think of the city of Leeds/Yorkshire? 

Leeds is my hometown therefore I may be slightly biased. Everything in the city is easily accessible by foot due to its compact size. Those more into nature can explore the Yorkshire Dales within an hour by car. Leeds is easily accessible from all major UK cities which attracts a wide range of students. It also allows those who enjoy exploring other cities to do so.