Amir Afzul MBChB and Surgery Student case study 2018 -400x400

Amir Afzul

I also felt that studying at the nexus of these two highly necessary fields would allow me to connect pathways through new perspectives and thus contribute to both fields in innovative ways.

Modules like finance and strategy provided an insight into how the cash-strapped public health sector can work to meet desirable and safe performance outcomes as demand increases and budgets tighten. Prevention is the main aim of public health campaigns and is always cheaper than treatment, modules around marketing allowed for a creative approach to campaigning and gave an insight into what works in an ever-evolving digital world. My dissertation on paying for treatments on the internet was novel research in its field and paved the way for me to undertake numerous poster and oral presentations nationally.   

I will now be able to show employers how my enhanced skillsets can be of benefit to their organisation, or I can leverage these to help build my own career.