UK launch of the International Society for Digital Health

We are delighted to announce the ‘UK launch of the International Society for Digital Health‘ event.

This free to attend event will be held in the Clarendon Wing Lecture Theatre, Worsley Building, at 15:15 on Tuesday 24th September.

To book your place, please visit the following registration page.

Event overview:

The world is becoming digital, and digital technology is changing the public health of the world. Smartphones, apps, sensors, electronic health records, big data, and artificial intelligence are creating opportunities for faster, cheaper, better health care, but without risking privacy. We see digital health as the study and application of emerging digital technologies to provide better healthcare, but also as a key factor in improving the health of the globe. For everyone’s benefits on digital health, we need a national network that shares knowledge, innovation and scientific insights between countries and cultures through the interdisciplinary research.

The new International Digital Health Association, launched by scholars from the World University Network, aims to promote interdisciplinary research by bringing together healthcare and engineering experts to analyse their innovations in different areas of the field. A proposal had been submitted to the WUN and thus the first meeting among 6 universities was being held in Sydney, December of last year. In May 2019, scholars from this linkage jointly held an international symposium (ISDH 2019) and also the second meeting at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. At the same time, an international society was formed to help expand this new collaborative network. This event will mark the UK launch of the International Society for Digital Health.

Event agenda:

15:15 – Dr Michelle Morris- Introduction to the World Universities Network (WUN) and the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA)

15:30 – Professor Kelvin Tsoi – UK launch of the International Society for Digital Health

16:00 – Chris Roebuck- Digital health in England

16:30 – Panel discussion and round up

16:45 – Networking reception- LIDA boardroom, Room 11.87 (Worsley Building)

17:45 – Close

Speaker biographies:

Professor Kelvin Tsoi, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

Professor Tsoi is an associate professor of the School of Public Health and Primary Care, Institute of Ageing, and a research associate professor of the Big Data Decision Analytics Research Centre of the Chinese University Hong Kong (CUHK). He developed a strong interest in evidence-based medicine, digital epidemiology, and big-data research for healthcare application.

He is leading an interdisciplinary research team on Big Data research for healthcare. Personal profiling of blood pressure variability, digital behaviour on dementia patients are typical examples.

He has published over 80 full scientific articles in the foremost journals. Some of his research has also published in short papers in the Engineering conferences. A recent paper to compare dementia screening was published in JAMA Internal Medical. He is also the assistant editor (digital Health) in BMJ Innovations and Minitrack Chair for Big Data on Healthcare application in HICSS2019.


Chris Roebuck, NHS Digital

Chris is Chief Statistician at NHS Digital, the national information, technology and data partner for the health and care system in England.

Chris leads the team of statisticians at NHS Digital responsible for the approximately 300 official statistical publications the organisation produces each year. He is also taking a significant role in NHS Digital’s collaboration with statistical leads from other English national health bodies that produce and publish statistics. The overall aim of such collaboration is to improve the coherence of English health and care statistics.

Prior to leading NHS Digital’s statistical publications, Chris held various positions within NHS Digital’s predecessor organisations in both statistics and benefits utilisation. He has also held various roles with the Government Statistical Service within the Department of Health.

Chris holds a Master’s degree in Statistics and is a Graduate Statistician of the Royal Statistical Society.

Dr Michelle Morris, University of Leeds

Dr Morris is an interdisciplinary researcher with a background spanning: health informatics, geography, nutritional epidemiology and health economics. Michelle is a University of Leeds University Academic Fellow in Health Data Analytics and a Turing Fellow.

Michelle’s primary research interests are in spatial and social variations in diet, lifestyle and health and how new and emerging forms of data can be best utilised to understand these. She leads a team focused on the use of new forms of ‘big’ and spatial data in health research, working closely with industry partners on food and activity data.

To book your place, please visit the following registration page.