Delivering Digital Drugs



Ethnographic methods of research, including interviews, observation and documentary
analysis, in a variety of settings and with different stakeholders (eg clinicians, patients, managers, regulators, software developers). 


Better healthcare is often associated with making better use of medicines. Increasingly new technology is being used to make supply and use of medicines more effective, safe and efficient, and produce better healthcare. 

Among them, for example, are systems to protect against the supply of ‘fake’ medicines; computerised medicine prescribing and administration systems in hospital; remote monitoring and reporting of side effects; digital information for making therapies more personalised for each patient; technology for patients, to support their use of medicines, such as apps or reminders over mobile phones. These new digital systems have the potential to generate value and lead to new models of clinical practice. 

We expect that the project will reveal both how technology and data are currently being used and the benefits they might bring. The study will provide an understanding of how data can be captured, used, interpreted, and applied to areas such as personalised medicine or control of the supply chain, which should benefit patients and the healthcare systems through better and more cost-effective use of therapeutic drugs. We expect to publish the findings of our study in papers and policy briefs which will help to identify and disseminate best practice across the clinical and patient communities. 


Valentina Lichtner 
Dr Tony Cornford (Principal investigator), London School of Economics
Dr Ela Klecun, London School of Economics
Dr Will Venters, London School of Economics
Dr Ralph Hibberd, London School of Economics
Dr Jane Dickson, London School of Economics
Dr Carsten Sorenson, London School of Economics
Dr Paul Taylor, UCL Centre for Health Informatics & Multiprofessional Education
Professor Bryony Dean Franklin, UCL School of Pharmacy / Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
Professor Nick Barber, Health Foundation

Funding body: EPSRC/Research Councils UK through its New Economic Models in the Digital Economy Programme

Contact: Valentina Lichtner,