Postgraduate research opportunities

Browse through our research degree opportunities to find funded projects and scholarships. These opportunities are awarded on the basis of academic merit and are very competitive, so it is important you make enquiries and apply as early as possible. If you have already secured funding, we have a range of non-funded projects available.

Opportunity title
Atomic force microscopy studies of the molecular mechanisms of nested genes related to tooth formation
Digital manufacturing of complete dentures
IGF axis regulation of matrix mineralisation of dental stem cell populations
Immunological complicity in evolution of potentially malignant oral lesions
Investigating the genetic association between systemic disease and oral health through genome-wide association study
Investigation of matrix-mineral interactions of enamel formation in Amelogenesis Imperfecta
Metabolic labelling approach for the incorporation of functional groups in therapeutic DNA enabling advanced payload delivery strategies in peptide-based gene delivery
Oral health and cognitive function in old age
Osteochondral tissue engineering using novel epigenetic approaches and multi-layered cell sheet technology
Peptide-based matrix gene delivery for tissue regeneration and anti-microbial therapy targeting periodontal disease
The potential use of bioactive peptides from food and waste as anti-cariogenic agents
Transient arrest of cell ageing during amplification of human cells in culture
Understanding the causes of developmental tooth defects using a high-throughput genomic screening approach