Nanjing Normal University Partnership

International Students

The School of Psychology at the University of Leeds is proud to be collaborating closely with the School of Psychology at Nanjing Normal University (NNU) on academic and research activities including:

  • the development of collaborative research projects
  • the organisation of joint academic activities such as courses, conferences, seminars, symposia or lectures
  • exchange of research and teaching personnel
  • placement and/or exchange students
  • exchange of publications and other materials of common interest.

As part of our collaboration, we offer two exciting opportunities for psychology students at Nanjing Normal University:

  • a special undergraduate Study Abroad Programme including a 10% scholarship in the form of a 10% fee reduction
  • competitive scholarships on academic excellence for the taught postgraduate masters courses at the School of Psychology at Leeds including a 10% scholarship in the form of a 10% fee reduction

Undergraduate Study Abroad Programme

NNU students have the opportunity to undertake a 1-year Study Abroad Programme in the School of Psychology, University of Leeds after completion of 6 semesters of BSc Applied Psychology at NNU. The academic year commences mid- to late-September with prior university inductions provided for international students. On our website, you will find our university calendar which includes term dates and more information on your arrival to Leeds.

Entry is through the standard University procedures and is overviewed by the School Study Abroad Tutor. Applicants are expected to obtain a GPA of at least 75% and will meet the University of Leeds minimum English language requirements.

The Psychology Study Abroad Programme has been devised specially for NNU students to include English language support via a semester 1, 20 credit module provided by The Language Centre. Other modules include a selection specified from the School of Psychology BSc Psychology Level 2 syllabus plus two modules from the School of Psychology Level 1 syllabus.

Typically, the programme will include modules in Psychological Disorders, Individual Differences, Memory and Language, Advanced Social Psychology, Advanced Developmental Psychology, Evolution and Human Behaviour, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Behavioural Neuroscience but also a selection from Psychology in the Media, Forensic Psychology and Psychology for Healthy Minds.

Visit our Undergraduate Module Catalogue to view our full range of modules.

On successful completion of the Study Abroad Programme, students will be awarded a BSc Applied Psychology by NNU.

NNU graduates meeting usual entry criteria, and subject to available places, will then have the opportunity to undertake one of two 1-year taught Masters programmes in the School of Psychology, University of Leeds.

Contact details

General enquiries - Dr Song Yue

Study Abroad Tutor - Dr Amanda Harrison

Minimum Entry Qualification

The University of Leeds minimum entry qualification means students need to have:

  • Completed the first 6 semesters of NNU’s programme BSc Applied Psychology and obtained a GPA of at least 75%, and
  • Obtained proof of proficiency in English Language
  • An overall IELTS (Academic) score of 6.5 (with no less than 6.0 components – reading, writing and speaking components) or
  • A total score of 92 with at least 21 in listening, 21 in reading, 23 in speaking, and 22 in writing on the TOEFL internet based test, or
  • PTE Academic English Language Proficiency test with at least 64 overall and at least 60 in each of the skills, and
  • The relevant test above must have been taken within the relevant validation period, and in accordance with United Kingdom (UK) immigration regulations that are applicable to student migrants, remain valid at the time of issuance of Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) and registration at UL

The Leeds minimum English language requirements are subject to UK government immigration requirements for entry into the UK and may, therefore, be subject to change. 

English for Communication OR English for Academic Study (more advanced) 20 Credits Semester 7
Psychological Disorders 10 Credits Semester 7
Individual Differences 10 Credits Semester 7
Memory and Language 10 Credits Semester 7
Psychology at Leeds OR Psychology in the Media 10 Credits Semester 7
Advanced Social Psychology 10 Credits Semester 8
Advanced Development Psychology 10 Credits Semester 8
Evolution and Human Behaviour 10 Credits Semester 8
Cognitive Neuroscience 10 Credits Semester 8
Behavioural Neuroscience 10 Credits Semester 8
Forensic Psychology or Psychology for Healthy Minds 10 Credits Semester 8

The list above represents typical modules/components studied and may change from time to time. Read more in our Terms and Conditions

NNU students accepted on this programme will spend their 4th year in Leeds, receive a transcript of exam results from Leeds, but will receive their usual Psychology degree from NNU. This means that they must:

  • Complete their NNU Placement requirements before coming to Leeds
  • Secure a NNU project supervisor and complete their data collection in China before coming to Leeds. (This is because they will not have a Leeds project supervisor to support the ethical approval process allowing them to collect data in the UK)
  • Maintain contact with their NNU project supervisor while in Leeds who will support the completion, submission and the examination fo the required NNU project while the student is in Leeds
  • Students who pass the Psychology Study Abroad Programme and meet the standard entry criteria will be eligible to enter a Postgraduate Programme run by the School of Psychology
  • On which students will be eligible to receive a 10% alumni tuition fee bursary as well as School of Psychology Academic Scholarship.

Taught Postgraduate Masters Courses

The School of Psychology at the University of Leeds offers two taught Masters courses, each of one-year duration:

A limited number of scholarships are available specially for NNU students. They are awarded on the basis of academic excellence and will receive a 10% scholarship in the form of a 10% fee reduction.

Contact details

General enquiries – Dr Song Yue

PATH - Dr Andy Prestwich

CDAD - Dr Richard Allen

International Fee Information

Visit the University of Leeds website for further information on international fees.