Investigating neural function

- BioSemi 64 Channel electroencephalogram EEG System
- Electrical Geodesic System 128 Channel electroencephalogram (EEG) System
- Neuroscan electroencephalogram (EEG) system
- MagStim Rapid2 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator.
This brain stimulation device inducing a magnetic field that generates electrical impulses in the brain for increasing or decreasing brain activity in neurons positioned underneath the stimulation coil. It is primarily used in assessing cognitive and motor functioning and inducing plasticity within specific brain areas.
   Main Contact: Dr Melanie Burke
- Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) System (Artinis Ltd, Oxymon).
This system uses light sensitive optodes to record blood oxygenation changes in the surface of the cortex during a range of cognitive and motor tasks. It has a temporal refresh rate of up to 250Hz.
   Main Contact: Dr Melanie Burke
- Button boxes and touch-screens.
These peripherals are used to provide accurate timings (dependent of the temporal resolution of the display screen i.e. upto 120Hz) of responses from participants when performing a range of cognitive and motor tasks.
   Main Contact: Dr Melanie Burke
- A range of cognitive/motor testing software such as E-prime, Psyctoolbox, Python, Experimental Builder, Matlab and others
These are used to generate stimuli and record responses from participants.
   Main Contact: Dr Melanie Burke
- Mobile electroencephalogram (EEG) System
   Main Contact: Dr Faisal Mushtaq
   Main Contact: Donna Lloyd
- Two portable Polysomnography systems to measure overnight sleep; an Embletta MPR and a Morpheus from Micromed.
   Main Contact: Dr Hannah Nash