Investigating human nutrition

 Main Contact: Fiona Croden
- iDXA for bone mineral density and body composition
- Bodpod for body composition
- Bioelectrical impedance for body composition
- Blood pressure and resting heart rate measurement techniques
- Two clinical kitchens for preparation of test meals
- Nine testing cubicles
- Exercise laboratory with treadmills / exercise bikes / cross trainers / rowers
- Fitness testing equipment – Vmax Encore, Heart rate monitors
- Physical Activity devices – wearable technology to measure physical activity, sedentary behaviour and posture
- Gas Exchange Monitors to measures resting energy expenditure
- Handheld devices to measure subjective appetite ratings
- Biochemistry room – to enable blood samples to be taken, processed and stored in –80 degree freezer. We can measure HBA1c and glucose in-house
- Social eating room
- Eating behaviour trait characteristic questionnaires