CANCELLED: Emma Dominic: A workshop demonstrating the utility of CANTAB for cognitive research

A seminar by Emma Dominic from CANTAB workshop. Room 1.33 - 1.34. Hosted by H Nash.

CANTAB Connect Research provides precise and validated digital measures of cognitive function for all areas of brain research. In the workshop you will learn:

  • Of the reliability and sensitivity of CANTAB tasks for healthy and impaired populations, with supporting data from published studies.
  • About how our 18 Language and culturally neutral tests can be administered via automatic voice-over instructions in over 45 languages, enabling standardised data collection from individuals in their first language.
  • The details about our clean, validated and reliable normative data recently launched in 2019
  • How the test administration can be done via web-based testing, which allows for large-scale cognitive data collection from participants worldwide, remotely.
  • The ways CANTAB can save time and costs due to instant data capture and scoring, and minimal involvement from administering tests.

Your workshop will consist of a presentation on CANTAB, a hands-on demonstration of our products and an interactive Q&A session.

Given the current situation, the decision has been made to cancel/postpone the research seminars until further notice.