An introduction to Scaled Insights technology and discussion of how we can collaborate on research & applied projects

This seminar will be delivered by Dr Stuart W. Flint, President of Scaled Insights, Associate Professor in the Psychology of Obesity.

Scaled Insights is an R&D stage company incorporated in the UK developing custom AI-based tools for the healthcare, finance and education sector. Scaled Insights is an early tenant at Nexus, the University of Leeds's innovation hub. In 2018, Scaled Insights were awarded the ‘Best AI start up’ company at the Global AI Awards.

Across society we use big data to identify, classify, communicate and where relevant intervene with people/patients. However, this is often inaccurate and does not account for factors such as personality attributes, motivation and the way that people receive, contemplate and respond to information. The company has developed a neural net-based algorithms platform that underpin its core technology, which enables discovery of new behavioural insights. The behavioural AI tool requires 3-500 words of natural language (spoken or typed). This transcript is analysed using Neurolinguistic Programme Matching (NLPM) to create new clusters by combining the insights from the AI tool with big data analysis which are correlated with known outcomes. This could for instance be used to predict outcomes such as smoking cessation and weight management. Examples of current projects include 1) predicting weight management service user attendance, weight loss and BMI reduction; 2) predicting adherence to medication; 3) predicting cardiovascular disease risk; 4) earlier detection of cognitive decline; and 5) understanding and informing the delivery of medical education based on learning style.  

The aim of this seminar is to discuss Scaled Insights AI tool and opportunities to collaborate on research, funding and applied work.

This seminar will be held in Room 1.33-1.34 in the School of Psychology.