Investigating responses

Eyelink 1000Hz eye-tracker (SR Research Ltd)

Student using Eyelink 1000Hz eye-tracker

The Eyelink 1000Hz eye-tracker is a system that can record eye movements up to 1000 times/second to provide a detailed output of eye position, velocity and acceleration to identify visual strategies and performance during free viewing and or cognitive/motor tasks. 

Main Contact: Dr Melanie Burke

Pupil-Labs wearable eye-tracker

Pupil-labs wearable eye-tracker

Pupil-Labs wearable eye-tracker is used for capturing eye movements when participants are in motion providing options of larger field of view for tracking gaze position. Accuracy is between 0.6 – 1.4 degrees of visual angle and is generally recorded at around 120Hz.

Main Contact: Professor Richard Wilkie

OptiTrack (NaturalPoint, Inc.)

This motion capture system currently comprises of four Flex13 cameras which can record the 3D position of markers with submillimetre precision and up to 120 Hz. Markers (spheres covered in reflective tape) are attached on custom joints of the hand and arm to analyse upper limb movements like reaching and grasping objects under various visual conditions.