Miss Essie Kaur

Miss Essie Kaur


My developing expertise focuses on novel organisational behaviour, culture and leadership theories in healthcare services, systems and workforces. My research activities and aims include developing novel psychological- and behaviour-based interventions for improving employee mental health, communication and performance.

Notbaly, I use my research knowledge and practice-based work to inform healthcare systems and services; training and development practices; workforce support and policy in practice (e.g., identifying which interventions can reduce healthcare staff burnout and improve retention). As a result on my on-going doctoral training, I am skilled in a variety of advanced statistical and specialist qualitative methods, techniques and analyses, and I often undertake mixed methods research. 

Research interests:

One of my primary research streams investigates the process of breaking bad or unexpected news in healthcare contexts. I am conducting this work with Dr Johnson at the Univeristy of Leeds based on her previour research, which suggests that news delivery is a frequent but challenging occurence for healthcare professionals.

INDIRA Coach is being piloted as a multi-phase project to evalute whether communication coaching could be a useful intervention for healthcare professionals and whether it might improve experiences for both staff and patients in healthcare settings. In addition, I have worked on other projects concerned with the access and quality of staff and volunteer mental health and wellbeing support services; improving patient access and pathways to primary care for allied health services and various research evaluation studies. 

Research groups and institutes:

  • Equality, Diveristy and Inclusion Committee
  • Health and Social Psychology Group 
  • Work, (Un)Employment and Mental Health Group
  • Healthcare Services Research 

Research interests

  • Organisational Behaviour, Culture and Leadership in Healthcare Services. 
  • Voice & Silence Behaviour and Communication theories concerning employee mental health in healthcare settings. 
  • Healthcare Interventions to support mental health, workplace wellbeing and alleviate burnout. 
  • Healthcare Leadership and Staff training and development.