Professor Peter Gardner

Professor Peter Gardner


Peter is a visiting Professor and an applied psychologist interested in human factors and human interaction with organisational systems and technology. He has a first degree in Psychology, a MSc in Computer Studies, and a PhD in Cognitive Science. He worked with Donald Broadbent and Dianne Berry at the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford before taking up a post with Toby Wall at the MRC Social and Applied Psychology Unit in Sheffield (now the Institute of Work Psychology). In 1995 he took up a lectureship at the University of Leeds, and became a Senior Lecturer in 2003. In February 2020 he joined the University of Bradford. His role at Bradford is to work collaboratively with colleagues in this University and in the Wolfson Centre for Applied Health Research (CAHR), in the area of Healthcare Quality and Safety. The Wolfson CAHR is a unique collaboration between the Universities of Leeds and Bradford and the Bradford Institute of Health Research.  

Research interests

Key themes of Peter's research are:

  • Human and system factors in health settings
  • Health technology
  • Patient safety
  • E-health

Peter is interested in organizational aspects of introducing new technology and has worked in field settings with organizations such as the Royal Mail, British Nuclear Fuels, and the NHS.

Previous Research

Past projects include:

A Department of Health funded Patient Safety Research project to evaluate the implementation of a new design for a spinal connector.

A portfolio of studies in collaboration with Cancer Help (the patient information website of Cancer Research UK) investigating the effects of different formats for representing side effect risk information.

Involvement in a NIHR HS&DR funded project looking at the impact that robotic surgery has on communication, collaboration and decision-making in the operating theatre.

Supervision of PhD topics have included:

The impact of a cancer diagnosis on teenagers’ engagement with education, individual and organisational factors in patient safety

Spillover effects in pro-environmental behaviours and smartphone use in clinical settings.

Evaluation of Experience Based Co-Design methods in a Cardiology setting.

Factors influencing the use of Electronic Patient Health Records.

Current Research

Peter is co-Principal Investigator on an NIHR funded Programme Grant for Applied Research entitled "Improving the Safety and Continuity of Medicines Management at Transitions of Care (ISCOMAT)". This is a £2m project lasting 5 years which has used Experience Based Co-Design menthods to help design an intervention for improving medicines management following discharge from hospital for patients diagnosed with Heart Failure.