George Gabriel

George Gabriel


I am a Ph.D. student in the Immersive Cognition lab (ICON), with a background in mathematics and computer science. I am interested in computational aspects of learning, both in natural and artificial agents. 

In 2020, I was awarded an Advanced Quantitative Methods Ph.D. studentship by the White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership, allowing me to pursue my research interests full-time at the University of Leeds.

I’m eager to pursue a career in academia, and I’m glad to be taking my first steps towards that goal through my Ph.D.

Research interests

My Ph.D. project involves computational modelling of skill learning in natural and artificial agents. I’m especially interested in how performant behaviour emerges in these agents, and how learning generalises to untrained contexts. I'm currently developing an electromyographic human-computer interface and dynamical systems models of sensorimotor skill to explore how practicing one skill can lead to changes in performance on others. This work has many potential applications, from helping with the design of more efficient skill training programmes for humans, to contributing to the development of more robust and adaptive autonomous agents.


  • MA Social Research
  • MMath Mathematics and Computer Science