Megan Wood

Megan Wood


I earned my BSc in Psychology from the University of Leeds in 2017. During this time, I undertook a number of research assistant positions, including a summer scholarship. Most notably, I took a placement year between my second and third years, working in partnership with both the School of Psychology and Born in Bradford. This involved working on projects related to motoric warm-ups in laparoscopic surgery and motor learning, as well as testing children on a range of cognitive and motor assessment batteries. Following my undergraduate degree, I was awarded a 1+3 White Rose Network Award scholarship and in 2018, I obtained an MA in Social Research as part of this.

Research interests

My current project involves exploring how various sociodemographic factors influence children's sensorimotor abilities such as their ethnicity, family's socioeconomic status (SES), and home environment. With inadequate motor skills linked with an abundance of adverse developmental outcomes, understanding the factors influencing this can allow us to identify children most at risk. In addition, I am interested in how measures of both SES and sensorimotor ability should be most appropriately conceptualised to aid future investigation. 


  • MA Social Research
  • BSc Psychology (Industrial)

Research groups and institutes

  • Perception, action, cognition