Darren Christopher Pereira

Darren Christopher Pereira


My previous masters degrees in music and consumer psychology led to a natural convergence. This had me start my PhD with the School of Psychology at the University of Leeds in 2018, allowing me to pursue my interests in the relatively under-explored area of infrasonic frequencies and the underlying link with human cognition. My doctoral thesis, 'The Effect of Infrasonic Sound on Cognition' hopes to explore the nature of frequencies below the hearing threshold and how they may affect our cognitive capabilities.

I'm a multi-instrumentalist who found a space as a musician in the era of digital workstations, after dealing with the impact of unilateral hearing loss in my teenage years. I also have an interest in marine mammals and their ability to communicate using infrasound.

Research interests

  • Infrasonic Frequencies
  • Sound and Memory
  • Perception of Sound
  • Influence of Sound on Cognition
  • Music and Wellbeing
  • General interests in Cognitive Psychology
  • Infrasonic Sound and Physiology
  • Infrasonic Sound as a Medium of Communication


  • Master of Arts (Music Production)
  • Master of Business Administration (Communication)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Mass Media)