Emily Oxley


Emily is a PhD student and part of the White Rose DTC ESRC Network “understanding and enhancing reading and language skills in children for whom English is an additional language”. Her thesis investigates vocabulary acquisition in monolingual children and children with English as an additional language, particularly how the populations differ when being taught vocabuary explicitly and implicitly. Prior to carrying out her PhD, Emily completed a BA and MA at Newcastle University (languages and linguistics) and a PGCE at the University of Sunderland (French and German). She currently works at the University of Leeds on the DART (Dynamic Assessment of Reading Test) Project, investigating whether dynamic assessments may be more accurate screeners of underlying language disorders for children from a range of home backgrounds.

Research interests

Emily’s research interest include language development in typical and atypical populations, particularly children with exposure to more than one language. Within the School of Psychology, Emily is an active member of the Language and Memory Lab, Language@Leeds and the Leeds Centre for Interdisciplinary Childhood and Youth Research.