Pauline Oustric

Pauline Oustric


  • As an Engineer in Nutrition from AgroParisTech, her background covers major challenges in nutrition from the field to the fork (Agriculture, Food Science, Epidemiology).
  • Her previous internships in consulting and food companies built her interest in project management, communication and networking.
  • She studied biology, chemistry, physics, maths and philosophy to enter her Engineering school.
  • She is interested in scientific methods, statistics especially visualisation and programming in R
  • As PGR rep, she has a keen interest in bringing people together to create a sense of community and for better mental health.

Research interests

  • Pauline is interested in multidisciplinary challenges around food reward, eating behaviour and weight management.
  • Her PhD is investigating the biopsychology of food reward to improve weight management.
    • Her systematic review aimed to understand whether food reward increases or decrease during weight management attempts: you can read this at
    • To investigate the role of food reward during weight loss, she contributed to run the DIVA STUDY a weight loss randomised controlled trial
    • She is interested in improving methods and scientific tools, for example, to measure food reward, and really keen to do this through international collaboration. 


  • Engineer/MSc in Nutrition from AgroParisTech
  • BSc in Biology