Dominic O'Connor

Dominic O'Connor


Dominic completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Leeds and obtained a degree in Advanced Psychology - MPsyc. BSc. (International). His academic interests lie within appetite and eating behaviours after conducting research projects titled 'Caffeine and Glucose: The combined and isolated effects on memory and attention'  and 'Physical Inactivity and the Impact on Appetite and Body Composition'. 


Research interests

Dominic is currently a member of the Appetite Control and Energy Balance research group with the School of Psychology. He is conducting an MRes degree before continuing onto his PhD in late 2019. At present, his research area is investigating the biopsychological correlates of sweet taste preference in overweight and healthy weight women. His primary focus is on investigating factors that contribute to weight gain and prevent weight loss, with the aim of providing recommendations and developing interventions to assist in weight loss for a healthier life. 


  • Advanced Psychology - MPsyc, BSc (International)