Anna Hamilton

Anna Hamilton


Anna is a doctoral researcher jointly funded by The Waterloo Foundation and The University of Leeds. At present, Anna is the lead researcher in the programme named ‘The Paediatric ADHD Sleep Study’. This longitudinal case-control study aims to investigate the effect of sleep on daytime functioning, academic attainment, cognitive development and well-being in children with ADHD. The study has been setup by researchers at The Sheffield Children's Hospital and The University of Leeds. 

Anna gained her first-class honours degree in Psychology (Industry) at The University of Leeds in 2017. Throughout her degree, she gained experience working with a wide range of vulnerable populations in a variety of voluntary positions, namely; victims of crime, the homeless, the elderly and refugees. During her degree, Anna completed a year in industry in which she moved to Kauhava, Finland to teach pre-school aged children English. 

Anna is affiliated with the SleepResearch@Leeds group and is a member of The British Sleep Society. 

Research interests

Anna's main research interests are paediatric sleep and childhood and developmental disorders. In particular, she is interested in the effects of disturbed sleep on daytime functioning, cognitive development and psychological well-being in children with ADHD. Ultimately, Anna is interested in the development and application of interventions to improve the quality of life in these children. 


  • Bsc (Industry) Psychology