Mshari Alghadier

Mshari Alghadier


After completing my degree in Rehabilitation Sciences from King Saud University (2012), I decided to complete my journey and pursue my postgraduate degree in physiotherapy. I went to University College London, United Kingdom to complete my master degree in Physiotherapy: Paediatrics (2014). My master research was looking at the effect of extra load (carrying a backpack) on the foot loading pattern in Saudi children. During that time, I developed an interest in studying movement control, posture, and behaviour. Late 2015, I started my PhD here at University of Leeds, United Kingdom, looking mainly at motor decision making, postural control and the use of Virtual Reality in motor assessment. 

Research interests

  • Motor control
  • Decision making
  • Virtual reality
  • Motor learning
  • Postural control
  • Motion Analysis
  • Child development
  • Rehabilitation



  • BSc. Rehabilitation Sciences
  • MSc. Physiotherapy - Paediatrics