Dr David Wong


Dr. Wong is a university lecturer in Health Informatics at the University of Leeds. He trained in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford, and completed a PhD on Identifying Patient Deterioration in Acutely-Ill Patients. He was formerly a post-doctoral researcher in the University of Oxford's Institute of Biomedical Engineering and lecturer in Engineering Science at Brasenose College, where he taught undergraduate engineering mathematics. He also lectured on Biosignal Processing and Mathematical Methods within the CDT in Healthcare Innovation D.Phil programme.

His research interests focus on investigating the impact of using continuous clinical data to detect early deterioration in in-hospital patients using machine learning and signal processing methods. Alongside his research, he has been a primary contributor to design, development and implementation of the SEND e-observation system that is in use within multiple hospitals.


  • M.Eng Engineering Science (Oxon)
  • D.Phil (Oxon)

Research groups and institutes

  • Leeds Institute of Health Sciences
  • Health Services Research Division

Current postgraduate researchers

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