Helen Marshall

Helen Marshall


Helen joined the CTRU in 2000 as a Medical Statistician after completing a MSc in Medical Statistics. Following promotion first as a Senior Medical Statistician in 2004 and then as a Principal Statistician in 2008, Helen works in the Solid Tumours portfolio of the Cancer Research Division providing statistical leadership of predominately late phase large pragmatic cancer clinical trials.

Current and previous roles

2008 - date, Principal Statistician, Leeds Institute of Clinical Trials Research, University of Leeds

2004 - 2008, Senior Medical Statistician, Leeds Institute of Clinical Trials Research, University of Leeds

2000 - 2004, Medical Statistician, Leeds Institute of Clinical Trials Research, University of Leeds


2017 - 2027: DANTE: A randomised phase III trial to evaluate the duration of anti-PD1 monoclonal antibody treatment in patients with metastatic melanoma. NIHR HTA, £2,522,891

2012 - 2019: GO2: Alternative chemotherapy for frailer patients with advanced gastric or oesophageal cancer. CRUK, £500,000

2010 - 2015: TRYMS: Testosterone replacement in young male cancer survivors. CRUK, £517,329

2010 - 2014: LANTERN: Lapatinib plus capecitabine versus continued trastuzumab plus capecitabine after local therapy in patients with Erb B2 positive metastatic breast cancer developing brain metastases. GlaxoSmithKline, £660,251

2010 - 2016: ROLARR: Robotic versus laparoscopic resection for rectal cancer. NIHR EME, £1,131,404

2008 - 2010: 321GO: A feasibility study assessing the feasibility of a large randomised controlled trial comparing single-agent, two-drug or three-drug chemotherapy in frail and/or elderly patients with advanced gastroesophageal cancer. CRUK, £46,593

2006 - 2015: ESTEeM: Endocrine or Surgical Therapy for Elderly women with Mammary cancer. CRUK/AstraZeneca, £872,319\

2005 - 2011: PICCOLO: A randomised clinical trial of treatment for fluorouracil-resistant advanced colorectal cancer comparing standard single-agent irinotecan versus irinotecan plus panitumumab and versus irinotecan plus ciclosporin. CRUK/Amgen, £3,114,367.

2005 - 2011: BISMARK: Cost-effective use of BISphosphonates in metastatic bone disease – a comparison of bone MARKer directed zoledronic acid therapy to a standard schedule. CRUK/Novartis, £1,373,250

2005 - 2010: MRC CLASICC Extension of Trial Follow-up and Adhesion Formation Sub-study: Conventional versus Laparoscopic-Assisted Surgery In Colorectal Cancer. MRC, £121,196

2003: STAMP: Surgical Timing And Menstrual Periods. Liz Dawn Breast Cancer Appeal/Royal College of Surgeons, £18,858

2002: MRC CLASICC Sexual and Bladder Function Sub-study: Bladder and sexual function following laparoscopic-assisted and conventional open colorectal surgery. Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, £7,000

Professional Activities

Helen is a past and current independent statistical member of various external national data monitoring and trial steering committees. Helen is also a past member of the NCRI Colorectal and Breast Advanced Disease Clinical Studies Groups.

Research interests

Helen is interested in the design, conduct and analysis of late phase cancer clinical trials, particularly those involving survival methodology and the evaluation of surgical techniques. Helen has been involved in key trials which have influenced both national and international clinical practice (AZURE and CLASICC) and continues her interest in research that has the potential to impact significantly on future management of cancer patients within the NHS and also worldwide.


  • MSc Medical Statistics, University of Leicester
  • BSc (Hons) Mathematical Sciences, University of Birmingham

Research groups and institutes

  • Leeds Institute of Clinical Trials Research